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laying out a new prototype for LXIX The Year of Four Emperors

Alan Moon’s The Gathering of Friends is coming up next month and I’ve got a big-box game to show to some of the publishers in attendance.

I hammered on the design for this one heavily last year and, while it’s in great shape rules-wise, my old prototype is getting pretty ragged. I figured it was time to make something nicer and more presentable for the con.

I do my layout work in Adobe Illustrator. For this prototype, I wanted to add some artwork to the cards to give them a little more flavor. I found a great set of Ancient Rome-themed illustrations on a clip art website, and borrowed a handful of the most appropriate images. They’re a little more “cartoony” than I’d envisioned, but they’ll do for a prototype.

I’ve got the cards laid out and uploaded to TheGameCrafter for printing. Below are a couple of examples. The first is the main card back and the second is a sample influence card. I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out. I hope to finish layout on the remaining game pieces this weekend – I can’t wait to see the professionally printed results.

Card Backs

Senate 2


The Gathering of Friends

Got a sweet glitter meeple temp tattoo from my friend Scott Nicholson!

I’m at The Gathering of Friends this week. It’s an annual, invitational event hosted by Alan Moon, designer of TICKET TO RIDE and many other great games, with many of the best and brightest in the games industry (and me!). The Gathering is a prime event to meet with many European publishers and designers, so I’ve brought a couple games to play test and show. There will be many prototypes and new games being played, and I’ll post updates as I’m able.