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I’m always working on new games. If you’re a publisher and you see something you like, contact me below.



Roma is a tile laying game set during the reign of Augustus. Players take on the roles of powerful patrician Magistrates, wielding their influence to direct the development and improvement of the Eternal City. By considered placement of rhombic neighborhood tiles, the players create and influence districts and earn points by erecting civic buildings. The player who most carefully plans his constructions and takes advantage of every opportunity will earn the most points and become the Architect of Rome.

UPDATE: ROMA is to be published by R&R Games at Essen Spiel ’15 as ROME: CITY OF MARBLE.





It is the year AD 69 and Rome is in upheaval. The suicide of Nero in the preceding year lead to the first Roman civil war in nearly a century. Four powerful generals will clash in a mighty struggle for the throne. The players must wield influence over a demanding Senate, control powerful Legions, defend the Frontiers from barbarian attacks, direct civic Works, appease the populace with Triumphal celebrations, and survive the volatile whims of the Praetorian Guard. Whichever player best outwits, outmaneuvers, or simply out-lives his rivals will become Emperor of Rome.





A remote mining colony has been overrun with xenomorphic aliens. Your warship squadron has been dispatched to deal with the infestation. You will target the colony site with your tactical nuclear cluster bombs and destroy the infestation from orbit. The top commander will be promoted!

This 2-5 player, 15 minute, 20-card micro game has players flipping cards onto the playing surface, attempting to hit alien xenomorph targets with their blast cards. Each round up to two points are awarded. The first player to three points wins the game!





In this light and silly dungeon delving game, players will bluff and press their luck to victory by leading forays into a dangerous dungeon inhabited by fantasy monsters and one supremely evil duck. Will you join the adventure or hit the tavern to recuperate? The adventurer who makes off with the most loot wins the game!



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