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ROME: CITY OF MARBLE demo video from Spiel 2015

BoardGameGeekTV has released their preview video of ROME: CITY OF MARBLE from Spiel 2015. It should be hitting FLGS shelves in the states in a week or two!





my appearance on the meeple syrup show

This week I appeared on the Meeple Syrup Show, a video series about games and game design, hosted by game designers from Canada. We talked about war games!

Sen, Dylan and Daryl were delightful hosts, but I have a suggestion for future shows: please provide a list of topics and possible questions to your guests. You guys prepared some great questions in advance, any of them worthy of extended discussion, but I stumbled a couple of times groping for answers. I’d love to engage on a deeper level, but I’d like some time to prepare, too!

Here’s the show for your viewing pleasure: