Play test of #LXIX at #gof2015

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ROME: CITY OF MARBLE is finally starting to make its way into distribution. I got an update this evening from a friend on Facebook who has received his pre-ordered copy. Huzzah!

With ROME: CITY OF MARBLE safely under way, I’ve turned my attention once again to my other game set in Ancient Rome, LXIX: THE YEAR OF FOUR EMPERORS.

I sent a prototype of LXIX home to Germany with a well-respected publisher after The Gathering in April, and he just requested my most recent update of the rules for an upcoming game con he’ll be play testing it at. I’m terrible about keeping my rules up to date, so this meant a couple of late nights this week feverishly re-writing my existing rules set with months worth of changes and updates. Totally worth the self-induced stress and sleep deprivation, though. LXIX is in the best shape it’s ever been, and I’m confident it’ll catch someone’s attention soon.



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