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Nothing puts a shine on a dull day like email from a publisher:

We have played through this a few times and we are currently taking a closer look at this game.

Earlier in the week I got an unsolicited job offer from a great game company and today, a famous game designer contacted me about an unpublished game of mine. Feeling pretty good about life right now. I must be doing something right.

I just sent letter of inquiry to an IP holder about licensing a property for a future game design. I have some intriguing ideas for the way I’d take a game with this property, but I haven’t done anything concrete on it yet aside from jotting down some notes in my idea file. I don’t want to put a bunch of work into something that may never see the light of day if the license isn’t available, but I’d love, love, love to do something with this.

I’ve got a short list of publishers I’ll approach if the license pans out. The few I have in mind are all experienced with license properties and have proven track records. Good folks to work with, too.

I’m a little nervous and a lot excited, and there’s a spider on you right now.