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designing good and accurate historical games

“Often we use history merely as a skin, and then leave the player to make purely gamey decisions within that setting.”

Extra Credits gets at the meat of a particularly tough nut here. How do you place your players’ actions within an historical* context and make them feel like the decisions they’re making are the decisions of a person from that time and place? It’s more than just getting the costumes right.

As a designer, I’m frequently inspired by history, but it can be a challenge to adequately convey that history in my games.

*This video specifically addresses historical games, but the ideas are applicable to any game where the intent is to generate a learning outcome.

The Gathering of Friends

Got a sweet glitter meeple temp tattoo from my friend Scott Nicholson!

I’m at The Gathering of Friends this week. It’s an annual, invitational event hosted by Alan Moon, designer of TICKET TO RIDE and many other great games, with many of the best and brightest in the games industry (and me!). The Gathering is a prime event to meet with many European publishers and designers, so I’ve brought a couple games to play test and show. There will be many prototypes and new games being played, and I’ll post updates as I’m able.