Puzzling out a prototype for LXIX: YEAR OF FOUR EMPERORS

I like to start with the edge pieces and work my way toward the center.
LXIX: YEAR OF FOUR EMPERORS has a modular board that permits a randomized setup. With six pieces in the outer ring, there are 720 possible board configurations, offering a different play experience with each game.

I’ve been hard at work, building prototypes to show at The Gathering next week.

This is an easy board to build. LXIX is a game I’ve been working on for a couple years, and I already had the primary layout complete in Adobe Illustrator. I updated the board layout to reflect the most recent rules (primarily by transcribing the various changes I had scrawled on the previous prototype with a Sharpie) and simply printed each section on an Avery full-sheet label. I stuck the printed board sections on inexpensive, white-surfaced chipboard and cut each out with a razor knife, using a metal straight edge when possible. The print quality isn’t as good as with glossy or textured cover stock, but usability, portability and ease of production are my primary considerations for this project.


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