I’m contemplating a blog post about not making prototypes too pretty, while working on this. I may need help.

Bid Track Board


6 thoughts on “I’m contemplating a blog post about not making prototypes too pretty, while working on this. I may need help.

  1. Maybe it’s not a matter of whether your prototype should be pretty or not. Maybe it’s a matter of where to focus your efforts at what point in the process. I’ve been evolving a single game design for several years, and the feedback I’ve been getting for the last year is “This is good enough to publish. Now make it look good enough to attract a publisher’s attention.” Daniel Solis (a man who can make a prototype look _very_ pretty) recently said:

    Speaking as a graphic *and* game designer, make your prototypes plain. Make your game look as finished as it really it is.

    (Unfortunately for me and my game, I’m far more comfortable adjusting gameplay than trying to make something look pretty. Even just searching the Internet for placeholder art takes me a long time because I keep trying to find something that looks just right, and I’d rather spend my time making the game play better.)

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    1. I’ve spent several hours fiddling with this board, getting the look I want, but there’s a two-fold reason.

      First, I’m a visual learner and designer. Doing the layout is part of my design process. I didn’t know for sure what the monster distribution in the rooms going in. Once I started playing with the symbols and moving them around, I figured out what the distribution ought to be. It may change as I play test, but that’s a simple matter of digitally swapping symbols and re-printing.

      Second, I find the design and layout very relaxing and rewarding. I had a busy day at work yesterday and I was brain-fried when I got home. After dinner, I retreated to my office and spent a couple of very enjoyable hours listening to music, while I tweaked the textures and colors and just let my mind drift. It’s almost meditative.

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  2. I’ve been still thinking about this design…. Can you tint/shade part of the floor in each room around the monster? Or maybe a shadow? Somewhere to put the bid, so it doesn’t cover the monster. The Room number is nice and big, and the treasure chests never get covered up (unless you changed that) Maybe merge them both in one icon in the middle.
    Once you are this far with pretty, it isn’t hard to quickly make changes with the elements.

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    1. I tried putting circles or shadows near the monsters and it just looked cluttered. There is already a lot of information on the board, and I want each icon to be as clear as possible. I’m using .5″ wooden disks as bid tokens now, and they don’t fully cover the symbols on the board. I think it’ll be ok. Hopefully, I can test them tonight!

      I also tried the treasure chests behind the room numbers and it make them both harder to read. Maybe later, if/when I’m not using art/iconography stolen from the internets, I’ll have a simpler treasure chest image to work with and I can tuck it behind the number.


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