picaresque in pictures

I spent three nights in a  cozy cabin in the North Woods of Wisconsin with seven great guys. Our annual Boys Cabin Weekend means different things to each of us, but we all look forward to a few days of relaxation and camaraderie, free from the pull of jobs, family and responsibilities. We hike, snowshoe or cross country ski. We do a little target shooting. We spend hours just reading. We talk and argue and laugh and listen to music. I like to use this time to work on game design and to play as many games as possible. Here are a few of my favorite moments from this weekend.

I taught Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League to Colin while Michael set the play list.


Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League is a neat little two player game of transporting goods and passengers around the solar system. Nice design.


A photo purported to capture the elusive Nuke It From Orbit in play. Several rounds of this delightful game were enjoyed by all!


Many fine beverages were enjoyed over the course of the weekend. I brought a bottle of bourbon barrel aged cyser, a homebrew club project from a couple years back.
We played the first game of a brand new copy of Risk: Legacy!


Scotty advances on my poorly defended territories in Europe.
At least I held Scandinavia against the ravaging hordes.


I did some work on my Dungeon of Doom prototype and was able to get a play test in with three players. Worked quite nicely.
We drove to a nearby tavern to watch the Packers game with the locals. It was an exhilarating, if ultimately disappointing game.



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