4P progress, a name change, publishing updates and an unexpected email

4P Progress

I squeezed in a play test of Canardo’s Dungeon at the cabin last weekend, marking the second of four expected play tests for a successful 4P. I played with three players, the minimum I would have considered adequate for play, and it worked surprisingly well. There is, perhaps, less tension in the bidding phase with three, but it’s remarkably solid.

I’ve found some areas to concentrate on with the next play test; I’ve already adjusted gold values and reduced the frequency of Canardo’s appearances on the cards, but I’ve got new resolution mechanisms to test for item distribution and looting. Once I’ve got the core mechanisms polished, I’ll add in character race and class cards that allow the players to break the rules in unique ways. Fun!

A Name Change

Speaking of Canardo’s Dungeon, I’m changing the name to “Canardo’s Dungeon of Doom” or just “Dungeon of Doom” for now.

Publishing Updates

I heard from Frank at R&R Games, the company who picked up one of my games at the Gathering last year. The artist is set to begin work on the game this week. Huzzah!

I heard from the publisher currently evaluating another of my games. I sent them a proposal in December and they liked it enough to request the rules. Today, based on the strength of those rules, they requested a prototype for further evaluation. Progress!

Unexpected Email

Over a year ago, I sent a proposal via boardgamegeek to a game designer I’ve never met for a collaboration on a dream project involving a game he’d previously worked on. I had no idea whether he was an active user or if he’d even get the message. Months went by and I didn’t hear back, so I shelved the idea and mostly forgot about it.

Last weekend, he finally replied. “Of course I’d love to work with you on [this dream project]”, he wrote, and gave me his email address. Thrill!

I’m buzzing with excitement!


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